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omNovia was born — to improve your bottom line

As companies continued to cut their conference and travel budgets, Shadfar saw an opportunity for technology to make a difference. So he created his own revolutionary web event platform, omNovia. The name is Latin for “all innovation”. Once you give our web event platform a try, we hope you’ll agree.

What makes the omNovia platform different?

It all starts with these 12 core features that make creating your web events effortless, leaving your audience spellbound.

Most webcast platforms are built to present information, not to engage viewers.

Adding multimedia features can lead to deep technical difficulties. Hiring IT teams to make the equipment work right requires massive capital investment. This leaves you with tools that are one-dimensional, non-interactive, and – well, boring.

We do the exact opposite.

Our innovative online events platform has all the technology built right in – it works with grace and ease, all the time. You get every multimedia feature you can dream of. Everything you use is designed to be scalable, re-broadcastable, fully interactive, affordable and simple to use.

Why lose customers to yet another yawn-inducing, droning voice behind a glitch-filled slideshow? With omNovia, your online event is an exciting, engaging, results-generating, talked about event; one that captivates your users.

Who can our unique approach to online events help?

  • Companies frustrated by the lack of flexibility in typical webcast platforms
  • Firms looking for a way to scale their online presence and seamlessly reach bigger and bigger audiences
  • Teams who cringe at having to say “hang on, we’re experiencing technical difficulties” – because they know their audience will not be hanging on
  • Budget-conscious groups looking to have multimedia-rich online events without taking their company to the poorhouse in the process
  • Media-savvy teams who realize that online image matters, and strive for affordable HD live, recorded or webcam options that make them look stunning
  • Interactive-aware leaders who recognize that an engaged audience is one that pounces on your calls to action
  • Data-driven analysts who strive for ways to record the full extent of webcast user action and interaction, so they can figure out what works and improve what doesn’t
  • Managers, communicators, and teams of every stripe that yearn for the fullest online media presence possible
  • Companies that have ‘outgrown’ their current platform, and are tired of paying for multiple master licenses to expand.

Are you ready for webcasts your customers can’t take their eyes off of?

Still not convinced??

Sign up for personalized demo now… we dare you to go back to hosting ordinary webinars agian!

To more engaging web events,

Shahin “Shawn” Shadfar

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