Recast and Events SSO
API Documentation

Single Sign On for Events and Recorded Sessions is an API that allows you to send your members, once authenticated in your site, to the omNovia registration page for an specific event or recorded session. You can pass unique identification parameters as well as promotion code information.

In the example below you will need to replace the company information by the information found in Modify Organization Settings section of the admin page and the user information will come from your database.

Note: You will need to have a skilled web programmer who has a strong knowledge of programming languages such as PHP in order to implement these APIs.


Where do look for the event public ID

When you create an event using the event manager an event login link is generated (see the summary tab in the event manager) with this format: where 69751294234359 is the public ID.

Where do look for the webcast ID

When you record a webcast using the Recast Recorder a webcast link is generated with this format: where 59654 is the webcast ID. This can be found in your admin page under manage recorded session; inside the room by opening the recast recorded and then under On-demand link click “Show”.

Sample code


$companyID = 12345;                //Found in Modify Organization Settings section of the admin page
$companyPass = 'password';         //Found in Modify Organization Settings section of the admin page
$company_short_link = 'shortLink'; //example: in http://yourCompanyName, your company name 
                                   //is the short link, you can also find/modify the short link from 
                                   //the admin page under "Modify Organization Settings"

//Optional: If you wish for your customers to return to your website after registration, pass the 
//following 2 variables:
$returnURL = ""; //URL of a page on your website.
$returnLabel = "Return to [Your Company Website]"; //Text for the link that your customers will see 
//in the confirmation page after registration.

/*** User parameters ***/
$companyUsername = "545454";  // This is a unique identifier for the person you want to register. 
                              //It must come from your DB.
$firstName = 'Joe';
$lastName = 'Martin';

$hasPromotionCode = 0; // 0 means don't pass promotion code
$promotionCode = "promo10"; //It will be passed only if $hasPromotionCode is 1.
// If you wish to pass a promotion code with the discount included, pass a value in the $promotionCode 
//variable using the format:
// {discount_type}!{discount_value} discount_type = 1 or 2 (amount or percentage respectively)
// i.e. to pass a promotion for $10 off: $promotionCode = "1!10";
// i.e. to pass a promotion for 25% off: $promotionCode = "2!25";

$webcastType = "registration"; //'registration' or 'archives' 
$webcastID = "61621303243428"; //Public eventID.

//$webcastType = "archives"; //'registration' or 'archives'
//$webcastID = "57929"; //movieID.

$custom = "some custom data";

/*** Construct Time Stamp in GMT with 10 min Expiration ***/

$link_duration = 10;  // duration is the number of minutes between the time they leave your site and 
// the time they can actually register for the webcast.
 // This is a very important parameter! If it is too high, they may bookmark it and access the 
//registration page without going through your site. If it is too low, they might not have enough time 
// to access the registration page. We suggest between 5 and 30 minutes. Please also note that your 
//server time (even in GMT) might differ from the omNovia time by a few minutes.

$timestamp = time() + (60 * $link_duration);

/*** Create a md5 hash - IT MUST BE IN THIS ORDER***/
if ($hasPromotionCode == 1)
 $md5 = md5($companyID.$companyPass.$firstName.$lastName.$email.$companyUsername.$webcastID.$promotionCode.$timestamp);
 $md5 = md5($companyID.$companyPass.$firstName.$lastName.$email.$companyUsername.$webcastID.$timestamp);

/*** Construct the link ***/
$base_registration_link = "https://$$webcastType/$webcastID?";

$webcast_registration_link = "companyID=$companyID&firstName=" . rawurlencode($firstName) . "&lastName=" 
 . rawurlencode($lastName) . "&email=$email&companyUsername=$companyUsername" 
 . ($hasPromotionCode == 1 ? "&promotionCode=$promotionCode" : "") . "&_ts=$timestamp&_t=$md5"
 . "&returnURL=$returnURL&returnLabel=$returnLabel&custom=$custom";

$webcast_registration_link = $base_registration_link . $webcast_registration_link;

 * You can now use $webcast_registration_link anywhere in your PHP code as the link to register for a 
 * specific webcast. 
 * If you have multiple webcasts, you will need to loop through them and generate similar links for each one.

// ... you can add your own code here and then add a link:

print "<a href=\"$webcast_registration_link\">Register Here</a>";

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