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Best Practices & Tools for Delivering Effective Continuing Education Webinars
Join Rachel Gremillion, Director of Service Delivery for omNovia Technologies,  as she discusses best practices for producing successful continuing education webinars that are both effective and engaging.  Additionally, we will demonstrate how to create automated training programs by re-purposing your webinar with omNovia’s fully interactive Recast technology.

Best Practices for Effectively Using Webinars to Generate Sales
Join Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies,  as he presents best practices, tools and techniques for planning and executing an effective sales webinar as well as steps for following up to uncover potential opportunities.

How to Turn Webinars Into a Lead Generation Tool
Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies, will share with you proven strategies and techniques to effectively plan, produce and execute high-quality webinars that generate leads, drive sales and increase revenue.

Small Tools That Make a Big Impact
 Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies, demonstrates how to better utilize tools that are less obvious in order to effectively plan, create and execute high impact webinars that deliver results.

Best Practices for Making More Engaging Webinars
 Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies, demonstrates the proper techniques for creating high-quality, interactive webinars that keep your audience focused and engaged.  You will discover what it takes to put together effective webinars that are profitable and deliver results.




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