Kick Webinar Chat Chaos To The Curb

Our robust, configurable Chat capabilities turn unwieldy blather into rich, targeted, manageable, in-event communication

Most webinar platforms’ ‘everyone talk at once’ chat options hurt more than they help. All users chat in one screen location, thousands of messages fly by at once, and users can’t keep up. “Yo, Brooklyn in the house!” gets equal importance as “CEO ready for your questions.” Conversely, hyper-restrictive settings make it so important questions don’t get thru, or worse — go unanswered. Our thoughtful Chat capabilities end the madness of managing chat, once and for all.

Keep Tabs On Different Chat Topics With Grace

With our innovative moderator chat-tab options, you set up dedicated channels to filter conversations. Set up a General tab for incoming and outgoing messages. Set up a Public tab for all inbound technical support messages, or for Q&A. Set up a Private tab for communication that only fellow presenters, moderators or support agents can see. Set up an Announcements tab for pop out messages that persist for set amounts of time. With additional options of font size, line spacing, background color, text copy protection, module position, chat reply options and more – you’ve got the chat organized, active and under control.

User Options Keep Chatters Engaged And Involved

Experience has proven time and again, when attendees input gets noticed, acknowledged and responded to, they stay engaged until the very end. Our user Chat options create an ambiance for sparkling interactions. Users chat with each other, privately or publicly. They customize the appearance and placement of their message areas. Their comments can be color coded, forwarded to separate tabs, and locked down when someone is responding. No more being lost in the big chat sea – your message gets heard, your peeps have a voice. And you or your team stay right there all the while, responding back as if theirs is the most important comment in the room.

More Than Idle Chat – Attendee Words Live On

With our Chat transcript options, you get to hold on to every word the users said. Get full chat transcripts from room reports or from particular event reports. Those transcripts will include all chat from each and every chat tab, while smartly excluding any direct private messages. This way you can review, followup, learn from your customers, and give them the experience they are looking for next time. Even when they stop typing, their words keep on communicating what you can improve next time.

Chat + Core Features give them something to talk about

When you combine Chat capabilities with omNovia’s other core features like: Recast, Q&A Manager, Workflows, Slideshow Presenter, HD Live Streaming, Co-Browser or Phone Conferencing Options, you have the power to inspire, persuade and educate people with the most interactive, live and recorded multimedia web events possible. Check out how omNovia’s Chat feature compares with other webinar platforms. Or, explore our 30-day free trial and pricing options here.

Why Choose omNovia?

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Advanced Chat

Our robust, configurable Chat capabilities turn unwieldy blather into rich, targeted, manageable, in-event communication…

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