Feel Like You’re Herding Cats Trying To Get People To Visit Important URLs During And After Events?

With Co-browser, you facilitate attendees as they fill out surveys, watch videos, download trials or complete orders from any webpage you desire -- without them ever leaving the room.

Let’s face it. The virtual nature of online webinars means your content often plays second fiddle to every email, tweet, facebook post and text your attendees get. Once the event is over, attention deficit increases exponentially. And chances of them downloading or buying your stuff plummets. Co-browser ensures people take the actions you want: right now.

Lead A Horse To Water (And Help Them Drink)

Most webinar platforms force you to type a URL in the chat window or place a static image of your mission critical URL’s on the screen. Then, pray that people won’t get lost, distracted or have browser incompatibility issues on the way.

Co-browser allows you to load any live, interactive webpage you desire for attendees. They can complete whatever action necessary in the moment, rather than being distracted from the presentation by focusing on a separate browser window. Even post event calls-to-action skyrocket, because they can’t ‘forget’ or be distracted.

True Interactive Engagement

The whole point of your web event is to get viewers to do something. Sign up, click, buy – you want them to take action. Basic Co-browser opens an iframe web page within your web event, so viewers stay right there with you. In advanced mode, you navigate the URL from page to page, and show users exactly what you mean. Then you give them control to fill out the web forms, surveys or shopping carts you’ve guided them to. Your event keeps up its great energy, and users stay completely engaged.

Live Or Recorded – People Do What You Ask

The interactivity of Co-browser works just the same for recorded web events. Viewers see the same website within the event. At your guidance, they interact with it, fill out forms, take surveys, and buy. Just like your live event, your guiding hand guides them every step of the way.

Watch Your Sign Ups, Downloads And Orders Soar

When you combine Co-browser with omNovia’s other core features like: Recast, Q&A Manager, Workflows, Slideshow Presenter or HD Live Streaming, you have the power to inspire, persuade and educate people with the most interactive, live and recorded multimedia webevents possible. Check out how omNovia’s Co-browser features compare with other webinar platforms. Or, explore free trial and pricing options here.

Why Choose omNovia?

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With Co-browser, you facilitate attendees as they fill out surveys, watch videos, download trials or complete orders…

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