If Staying Sane During Your Webcast Is Important, You’ll Love Workflows

Introducing a breakthrough way to prepare, script and execute flawless events.

As a presenter, staying calm, cool and collected is priority one. Yet nothing can make your gut wrench and face flush, like wrestling with presentation elements or fumbling with media, in front of your live audience. With Workflows, one quick click launches any slide, audio or video element in your presentation: on-demand.

Never Fumble With Presentation Elements Again

Workflows is your embarrassment safety net. It gives you unprecedented ability to preload a robust list of presentation elements, transitions and content you can reorder however you like. Then during your event, launch any element quick as a click. No need to stop and restart screen sharing. No long, embarrassing pauses while presentation elements load. No reason for impatient attendee eyeballs to check emails, check messages, or check out.

Workflows Organize Any Type Of Media — Without A Hitch

Presenters often limit their multimedia presentations for fear of technical glitches and awkward pauses. With Workflows, your event can be as feature and media rich as you want. Slideshows, Cobrowser, recorded videos, eCurtain transitions, world map, music player, chat, announcements, polls, event segment replays – you name it, workflows can organize and launch it. Your event is polished, interactive and info-taining.

Stop Sweating Bullets And Let Your Content Shine

Workflows dissolve all the nervousness and fear of presenting. Every element of your presentation loads and plays with confident grace. There are no mistakes in content delivery, no forgotten sections, no loading wrong content. You simply focus on your material and stop worrying about the technology.

Connect Workflows To These Features For Even More Power

When you combine Workflows with omNovia’s other core features like: Recast, Q&A Manager, HD Live Stream, Slideshow Presenter or Co-Browser you have the power to inspire, persuade and educate people with the most interactive, live and recorded multimedia webevents possible. Discover how Workflows compares with other webinar platforms features. Or, explore free trial and pricing options here.

Why Choose omNovia?

Interactive Recordings & ReplaysInteractive Recordings & Replays

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Presenter Workflows

As a presenter, staying calm, cool and collected is priority one. Yet nothing can make your gut wrench and face flush…

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Slide Show Presenter Slide Show Presenter

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Multi-Room AccountsMulti-Room Accounts

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Interactive CoBrowser Interactive CoBrowser

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Desktop SharingDesktop Sharing

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Integrated TeleconferencingIntegrated Teleconferencing

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Event Reporting Event Reporting

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Advanced ChatAdvanced Chat

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AV Remote AV Remote

With Audio Visual Remote Control, moderators have silent command of all presenter microphones and webcams…

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