Recast: Interactive Recording Technology

Recast is a unique server side recording technology that captures an online meeting exactly as attendees see it. The outcome of this recording technology is not a flat movie file, but an interactive online meeting platform that is identical to the actual event. This feature is available to all of our customers upon their request.

What makes Recast unique?

omNovia’s unique Recast technology is revolutionizing online event recording. Unlike other recording systems that produce large file movies with no interactivity at play time, Recast reproduces the recorded event in a fully interactive environment exactly the way it happened live. Recast allows viewers to interact in the chat box, answer polls, retrieve file attachments, and basically do anything that an attendee could do in a live session. Since the recorded session is treated like any other hosted event, moderators possess full control for maintaining security and providing different access levels to different groups of viewers. omNovia Recast also offers free hosting, which makes it even more attractive for businesses who do not want to increase their IT cost with file uploads and other hosting arrangements.

Some of the features that make Recast unique include:

  • During the replay time, your viewers can access interactive features such as chat, polls/surveys, document folder, shared web pages, hyperlinks and more.
  • Recast offers full reporting not only on number of views or viewers’ contact information, but also chat messages, questions and answers to the polls during the replay.
  • Recast captures and archives the viewers’ interaction during the replay. From archive management, you can precisely know how many times your event replayed, what questions asked were in the chat box, what answers were given to your polls/surveys..
  • Recast does not use any of your Computer’s CPU. Recording takes place on the remote server.
  • Recast requires no software installations and keeps the original audio and video quality of the original session without any loss to the resolution.
  • Recast protects your intellectual property by providing a secure environment, which does not allow downloads or redistribution.

How it Works

Once it is activated, you can immediately start experiencing the Recast difference without any download. Just click on the record button in your omNovia room and your events will be saved for the future interactive replay sessions.Depending on the nature of the session and your target audience, you can choose one of the three different replay options Recast offers:

  1. Single Mode: This mode allows a viewer to see your pre-recorded event as if it was live. In Single Mode, a viewer is not limited to play, pause or rewind a movie file. The viewer can enjoy all the interactive features as if he or she was in a live sessions.
  2. Group Mode: Group Mode is a hybrid session that consists of live event and Recast. This mode allows you to have an interactive replay time within your online meeting. This mode is ideal when you prefer to give a live introduction before the recorded event. It is popular particularly for training sessions. The online meeting usually starts with a personal introduction followed by Recast.
  3. Event Mode: If you would like to schedule a replay time ahead of time and if you have a specific target for this event, Event Mode will be the ideal solution for you. Best practices for Event Mode include e-learning, sales webinars and ongoing training sessions.


To experience the Recast difference, view a short demo or contact us to activate Recast and enhance your webinar experience.

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