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Professional Services and Event Support

The omNovia Professional Services (OPS) offers “one of a kind” webcasting solutions tailored for your business’s special needs. Our experienced engineers, consultants and business process experts help you with projects integrating omNovia solutions, whether it is a custom room skin you need or an advanced system integrations with your database or intranet.

Event OPTiMA

At omNovia we know it takes more than great technology to produce successful web events, which is why we offer OPTiMA, omNovia’s professional services webcasting solution. Our comprehensive portfolio of event services can help you prepare, organize, and execute events that exceed expectations.  Go here to learn more about omNovia’s OPTiMA services.

System Integration

Due to its web-based nature, omNovia offers a high level of flexibility. It can be integrated with other web-sites, existing databases, CRM systems, learning management tools and shopping carts using software APIs (Application Programming Interface) within hours!

SSO (Single-Sign-On) API, which allows you to easily integrate the webcast into your website’s Members Page or Enterprise Intranet Portal, is an example of such API integrations. Visit our SSO example page to see this simple but effective integration in action.

While API integrations are made simple and straightforward with our detailed documentation page, the omNovia Professional Services (OPS) group can expedite projects as well as developing advanced integration solutions.

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Customization Work

Beyond simple logo and color configuration, omNovia allows you to customize your online meeting rooms, registration and log-in pages to preserve your company’s look and feel. Additionally, you can add flash advertising banners, side by side live video streaming, custom taps that allows smooth integration with your applications and more…

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To inquire more information on how omNovia Professional Services can help you, contact us today.

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