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Capabilities and Features
Can multiple presenters talk at the same time?

Yes. omNovia Web Conference offers a multi-presenter interface in which more than one presenter can talk, show presentation slides and use other features simultaneously. This means that presenters do not need to wait their turn and can interact as if they were physically in the same room.

High quality and full-duplex audio can be used by as many people as you wish with no limitations other than bandwidth.

Do you support HD video?

omNovia StageToWeb offers the most advanced web casting system by providing HD (High Definition) for live and recorded video in addition to a fully interactive environment. Online attendees become an extension of physical attendees and can even interact with each other via chat, voice, video, polls, etc.

Do you offer an on-site solution?

omNovia Web Conference is a hosted solution. However, an enterprise on-site system (where we install all the servers and required components within your environment) is available at a high price. There are many advantages in using a hosted solution instead of owning the infrastructure.

For example, we add enhancements to the servers on a monthly basis (users do not need to upgrade anything however as changes happen on the servers only), which would be hard to keep up with if you have your own system. Also, we have advanced infrastructure worldwide with very high bandwidth and redundant servers and networks to ensure continuity in case of technical problems. The cost of owning a web conference system is far higher than using a hosted service.

We can also offer a hybrid solution where your account uses dedicated servers.

How is your technical support?

omNovia has built a solid reputation in customer support. Technical support is available 24×7 via phone, live chat and support ticketing system at http://support.omnovia.com. Additionally, we can provide the omNovia Elite Support program for a fee that provides a technical project manager for your account and in-room technical support.

How reliable is omNovia?

omNovia Web Conference was originally built to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability and security. omNovia uses a worldwide infrastructure with numerous redundant levels to ensure business continuity. In 2009, omNovia Web Conference had a total down-time of 6 hours and 23 minutes or 0.07% of the time.

A document describing the omNovia Infrastructure is available at:


A document describing the security level of the omNovia Web Conference is available at:


Can you have two omNovia rooms open at the same time on the same computer?

Yes. omNovia rooms are independent and you can have multiple rooms open.

Can you speak in both rooms at the same time?

Yes. The only activity that cannot be done simultaneously is sharing desktop.

Is there any software to install such as Java or ActiveX?

omNovia Web Conference and StageToWeb use the common Flash Player to deliver their contents. Flash Players are already present on over 99% of computers (PC, Mac) worldwide. As such, your attendees do not need to install any software, Java Applets, or ActiveX. This makes access to the room a breeze and reduces your support costs as many users might not have the rights to install any software on their computers. One more advantage of not having any software to install is the fact that there is no upgrade to go through either as all our enhancements happen on the server and do not require any software update. Accessing an omNovia room is as simple as accessing a web site.

Presenters who need to show live applications from their desktop (application and desktop sharing) will be asked to install a small Projector.

What if a computer does not have Flash Player? In that rare case, the omNovia Web Conference login page detects it and offers an easy install of the Flash Player.

How customizable is omNovia? Can I place our logo?

omNovia Web Conference and StageToWeb offer an extremely customizable environment in terms of look and feel as well as functionality. You may choose different skins in the Room Settings section of the Admin Page. You can also work with our specialists to create your own skin (to match your web site) for as low as $290.

Room Settings also allow you to change your room configurations and modules. For instance, if you don’t need the Movie Player module, you can simply uncheck it. The same section enables you to add your logo and / or sponsors’ logos into your room.

For even further customization you may contact omNovia Professional Services group.

Can attendees talk in the room? Or show their webcam?

By default attendees may not talk or show their webcams as it would not be easy to manage for moderators. However, if you sign up for omNovia Web Conference Pro, you may click on an attendee name in the users list and grant them microphone or camera.

If you are using the omNovia Phone conference bridge integration, you may also un-mute them on the phone.

What are the minimum specs? What browsers and operating systems are supported?

Can you hide the list of attendees?

Yes. You have full control over what attendees can see and do in the conference room. You can also choose to hide their last name.

Do you provide in-room support?
Yes, you can review our article regarding in-room support at: http://support.omnovia.com/kb/264.

Do you offer an app for the iPhone, iPad or Android?

Yes, we do have an app for IOS and Android. Please go here to read more about our Mobile App http://www.omnovia.com/omnovia-web-conference-for-mobile-ios-and-android.

Do you have a Q&A Manager?

Yes, watch this quick movie, http://youtu.be/4TgzEG-U_zk , to find out how easily you can sort, prioritize, categorize, and assign questions. The Q&A Manager is unique in supporting threaded answers for each question. Your attendees may optionally indicate whether they are happy with the answer with real time feedback for moderators. The new Q&A Manager comes with full reporting available in the Admin Page > Room usage report.

What are your latest feature updates?

To view our latest feature updates go to this page on our website http://www.omnovia.com/product-enhancements-and-new-features/.

How easy is it to upgrade to a larger plan?

If you are an omNovia Pro user you can upgrade from your Admin page under Modify Subscription, and if you are an omNovia Start user you can upgrade by contacting the sales department.

Can I record my webinar?

Yes, we offer a unique interactive recording. Read more about Recast Recording here http://www.omnovia.com/recast.

Where do my recordings save?

Recast Recordings are saved on our end and can be played back inside the webinar room, on demand or in event mode.

Can I have a copy of my recording to keep?

Yes, we can convert our Recast Recording to an MP4 file for you to save on your end.

Can I create events and see who registered for the event?

Yes, our comprehensive Event Registration system accompanies your omNovia account. You may choose to set up formal events through the Event Manager. After participants register, automated messages and reminders are sent via email or Text Messaging. All of the registrants’ information is available in event reports. A Microsoft Outlook plug-in is also available.

How can I add buffer seats to my account?

Contact the Sales Department or your Account Manager.

Where can I find a list of all features?
omNovia Web Conference and StageToWeb offer a large number of features that can be added / removed based on your requirements. The full list of features is available at http://www.omnovia.com/features.

Do you offer APIs to integrate with our web site / CRM system?

Yes. omNovia offers a set of different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Most of which are very easy to implement. These APIs allow you to integrate login page into your own website (SSO API), integrate events creation / registration within your web site or even import reporting data into your own CRM system. A list of all available APIs can be found at http://www.omnovia.com/apis.

Does your desktop sharing support multiple monitors?

Yes. You may project any region or any application from any monitor or even an application or region that spans two monitors. You may also project the entire monitor.

How do I setup the Credit Card Payment Module to accept payments for my events?

To learn more about setting up the Credit Card Payment module, please read http://www.omnovia.com/images/pdfs/omNovia_Credit_Card_Module.pdf.

Comparison with other Web Conferencing systems

What are the main advantages of omNovia over other web conferencing systems?
omNovia Technologies unlike other major web conference providers is a company 100% focused on advancing the web and video conferencing technology and has set new standards in ease of use, reliability and richness of features over the last few years.

How is omNovia better than Adobe Connect?

http://www.omnovia.com/images/pdfs/omnovia-vs-adobe-connect.pdf describes advantages of omNovia over Adobe Connect.

How is omNovia better than Webex?

http://www.omnovia.com/images/pdfs/omnovia-vs-webex.pdf describes advantages of omNovia over Webex.

How is omNovia better than Gotomeeting?

http://www.omnovia.com/images/pdfs/omnovia-vs-gotomeeting.pdf describes advantages of omNovia over Gotomeeting.

How is omNovia better than On24?
While On24 offers an acceptable video streaming solution, omNovia goes beyond simple video streaming and creates a fully interactive environment between live and online audience. Advanced features such as Slide show support with all animations, White Board, integrated eLearning tools, Polls, Shared Folders, World Map, in-room Twitter updates in addition to HD quality video offer a superior experience unmatched by On24 or any other video streaming competitors.

What are the charges for viewing recast recordings on demand?

We charge .20 per view for on demand views of recast recordings.

How much does it cost for a copy of my recording?

We can provide you an MP4 file of your recording for $10 per recording.

Do you offer discounts for yearly prepayments?

Yes. We offer a (about) 20% discount for yearly prepayments.

What if I need a large room occasionally and small room most of the time? What’s a Buffer Seat?

omNovia offers Buffer Seats that allows you to have overages. More information is available on Buffer Seats at http://support.omnovia.com/kb/45

How does the pricing work? Where can I find a list?

omNovia Web Conference is offered with a monthly subscription model as well as on a one-time event basis.

For your events, please go to http://www.omnovia.com/webcasting for a free consultation.

With the subscription based model comes the notion of (virtual) rooms. You may have 1 or multiple rooms. Each room has a given capacity. Example: 200, 500, 2000. Capacity indicates the number of participants that can enter the room simultaneously. You may hold a meeting with a group of people in the morning and another one with a different group of people in the afternoon. Seats are not for specific users but can be used by anybody.

omNovia also offers Buffer Seats that allow you to have overages. More information is available on Buffer Seats at http://support.omnovia.com/kb/45

Two levels of service are available:

  • omNovia Pro: comprehensive features with the utmost level of reliability and customer service
  • omNovia Enterprise: similar to omNovia Pro but with dedicated servers and higher level of technical support


For more information please visit our pricing page.

For Pro pricing please contact us:

We always would like to hear from you.

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Billing Questions

Please review your PDF invoice, which contains a lot of information and may answer some of your questions.

What are the accepted forms of payment?

We have created an informative knowledge base article on this, please read http://support.omnovia.com/kb/378.

What are your refund policies?

To learn about our refund policies, please read http://support.omnovia.com/kb/150.

What do I do if I have a problem with credit card payments?

Issues with credit card payments usually have an underlying reason. We have outlined possible issues in our knowledge base. Please read http://support.omnovia.com/kb/266.

Our account just expired; can we get a temporary extension?

Your account will expire if you have an outstanding balance past the 4th of the month. However, we allow you to request a temporary (usually 48-hour) extension grace period if your account expired inadvertently. This facility has been put in place for your convenience, in case you have an upcoming webinar and cannot, for some reason, make a payment. Simply log into your Admin Page (if you are a Billing Contact) and the system will automatically offer you to extend your subscription with a pledge to make a payment as soon as possible.

How do we assign another person in our organization to receive emails about invoices?

If you are a Super Admin, you can access the Manage Users section of the Admin Page. In Manage Users you can add the new person and ensure that “Billing contact” is checked. If the person already has an account, you can update his/her account with “Billing Contact”.

Can we receive the actual invoice by e-mail?

No. E-mail notifications are sent to people assigned as “Billing Contact” in Manage Users and the emails do not contain the actual invoice. You would need to login to the Admin Page then go to View Billing / Invoices to view a detailed invoice in PDF format.

How can I modify my room’s capacity?

If you are an omNovia Pro customer and are a Super Admin, you may access the “Modify Subscriptions” section under Rooms Management in the Admin Page and modify your room’s capacity.

I have prepaid for a year. Why do I have an invoice?

While you can prepay for a year’s worth of your subscription, there are certain fees that accumulate on a monthly basis:

• Recast Views
• Mp4 File Conversions
• Usage of Buffer Seats

Every month you will receive an invoice, if none of the above were utilized that invoice will have a $0 balance, however if any of the above occurred, your invoice will reflect charges accordingly. You must pay the balance by the 4th of the month to avoid your account expiring.

I just signed up and paid. Why do I already have another invoice?

omNovia is a combination prepaid and postpaid service. You prepay your subscription fee for the upcoming month and post pay fees for recast views, mp4 conversions and buffer seats from the previous month. Your invoices are automatically generated at the beginning of each month.

If you start your subscription in the middle of the month you will receive a pro-rated invoice on your second billing cycle. For example, if you sign up on August 15th, that day, you will prepay for September. On September 1st, you will pay for the subscription charges from August 15-30.

How can I add buffer seats to my account?

Contact the Sales Department or your Account Manager.

StageToWeb Questions

What’s the difference between StageToWeb and omNovia Pro?

With omNovia Pro you can organize and conduct high quality webinars with one or more presenters communicating to an audience through their computers. With StageToWeb, you can webcast a live event where presenters are either on a stage in front of a physical audience, or in front of a camera (not using their computers). The idea is to extend the physical audience to an online audience creating an interactive environment between the two.

Technically omNovia Pro and StageToWeb utilize the same platform and interface. For StageToWeb however, the room is set to accept large HD quality (H264) encoded video.

Please note, although you can send good quality video through omNovia Pro using a webcam, it has not been designed for live event webcasts.

How is StageToWeb priced?

While you can have a monthly subscription of the omNovia Pro, StageToWeb is only available on a per event basis. The length of the event can be a few hours or a few days and can contain anywhere from 5 to 5000 attendees.

Is there a free trial for StageToWeb?

No, because of the costly high bandwidth and special server settings required. However, we can provide you with a comprehensive demo (request one on the StageToWeb page HERE). Once you purchase an event, we will spend ample time with you testing all video and audio connections. You may also purchase a paid evaluation session, and if you decide to continue with a complete event, the payment would go towards the final price.

Why is StageToWeb better than other streaming solutions?

The major differences are:

1. StageToWeb enables many interactive tools such as Full Event Registration, Chat, Q&A Manager, Interactive Web Page Integration, Polling, Closed Captioning, etc.

2. The omNovia Team provides a superior level of customer service sharing best practices and ensuring the success of your events.

3. omNovia’s unique Recast technology enables you to record and replay an event preserving its interactive features.

Does omNovia provide on-site support, Project Management, webcast services?

omNovia can provide on-site webcast specialists as well as remote “in-room” technical and customer support. An even higher level of support is provided through the omNovia OPTiMA service, where an experienced omNovia specialist manages the entire project from start to finish. Click HERE to learn more about omNovia OPTiMA.

Is there always a need for an omNovia specialist to be on-site?

No. Although we recommend it for the first event, the majority of omNovia webcasts happen without any omNovia specialists physically present. We will help you remotely if you wish to handle the technical side on your own or with an AV company.

What are the requirements for StageToWeb?

Please click HERE to download a PDF on StageToWeb requirements. You simply need a hard-wired Internet connection (with 1.5 MB download AND UPLOAD speed, which is nothing extraordinary these days), and a dedicated computer for the video encoding preferably with firewire input.

Does StageToWeb require HD cameras?

No. StageToWeb uses H264 format, which is used for HD encoding. The source can however be non-HD. In fact given that we adapt the video for online streaming, the end result of HD or non-HD would be the same unless you want to use a very high bandwidth, which although we can support, we do not recommend.

Can StageToWeb work with any standard audio / video feed?

Yes. We will  work with your technical staff or AV crew to test everything prior to the live event.

Can you deliver StageToWeb live audio through a conference bridge phone line?

While you might be able to request your AV company provide a specific piece of equipment that can stream Live event audio to a phone line, we strongly discourage this practice. Not only is this process quite complex to set up and test, but the resulting sound quality is often very poor. Furthermore, it is important to note the audio on the phone will NEVER be in sync with the computer audio and video.

Can StageToWeb take multiple cameras / microphones?

Yes. If you have more than one camera or microphone, they would all go to a switch board, which will then feed the computer used for StageToWeb.

How do you show Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in StageToWeb?

There are two methods to use:

1) Preload and convert your presentations using the Slide Show module exactly the same way you would do for your webinars.

2) Stream your presentation similarly to the streaming of the on-stage video. Basically the video usually sent to the ballroom’s large side screens can be streamed.

The second method requires more setup and is logistically slightly more complex. The advantages are the slides do not need to be uploaded ahead of time (for those last minute presenters showing up with their presentations on a thumb drive!) and slides flow without a moderator having to manually advance them.  This method is typically recommended for larger, multi-presenter events.

How do you show videos and movies in StageToWeb?

There are two methods to use:

1) Preload and convert videos using the Video Player. You may also play YouTube videos through this method.

2) Stream videos and movies similarly to the streaming of the on-stage video. This is using the exact same method as the second solution to the previous question “How to show Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in StageToWeb?”

How do you brand StageToWeb?

StageToWeb interfaces can be customized and configured in the same exact way as omNovia Pro rooms. Custom skins, functions, banners, logos, advertising, etc. can be easily set in the Room Settings section of the Admin Page.

Can you integrate StageToWeb with other registration systems?

Yes. All omNovia APIs (learn more HERE) can be used for StageToWeb including SSO, Event Registration and Reporting.