Interactive events are effective events. The quality of the omNovia platform helps to create excitement and engagement for your webinars and webcasts whether they be training, sales and marketing or live events. Take a look at how omNovia can satisfy all your needs for online events and why organizations worldwide have chosen the omNovia experience.


Training and Sales and Marketing Webinars

Training and Sales and Marketing Webinars

The omNovia platform facilitates all different types of webinars. Our interactive tools and personalized support can help you achieve your webinar goals. Learn More about Webinars powered by omNovia.


omNovia Webcasting

Live Event Webcasting

The omNovia webcasting solution can take multiple feeds of streaming video from your live event and incorporate them into the interactive features of our platform to create a truly memorable virtual event experience. All of this and more in a secure room capable of streaming virtually any size HD quality video to several thousand people at once. Learn more about Webcasting powered by omNovia.

Professional Services

omNovia is more that great technology. Our team is equipped to help with:

  • Customization of event rooms including skins, layouts
  • Preparation, organization, and execution of events utilizing industry best practices
  • System Integration to connect with existing platforms like your CRM or website

Learn more by visiting Virtual Event Services.

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