omNovia in the Media

omNovia Adds Web Conferencing Features

Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success, talks about the interesting and unusual features that omNovia has added to its web conferencing software.  Read the full article.

Top Review on omNovia – A Great GoToMeeting Alternative recently published a review on omNovia’s web conferencing platform. The article states that omNovia is a simple, but complete web conferencing tool. It comes with all standard web conferencing features such as VoIP, screensharing, application sharing and online collaboration tools such as a whiteboard. Read the full article. 


omNovia Recast and Recap

Webinar Success recently published an article on Recast, omNovia’s interactive webinar recording technology, and other innovations that were introduced in 2010. Read the full article.


omNovia Releases Multilingual Web Conferencing Platform

PHONE+ Magazine published an article on omNovia’s new multilingual web conferencing feature. The article states that for companies with an international customer base, trying to conduct a web conference with clients in different languages can become a logistical nightmare. That is why omNovia released its multilingual web conferencing platform to enable users to conduct one…


Recorded Webinar Marketing Made Easy

Geoff Zimpfer from Webinar Marketing Pro explains how Recast makes recorded webinars a simple and fast way to use in your webinar marketing. For more information on Recast, click here or create a free trial to take your sales webinars with omNovia.

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