Newsletter: Recording API, Presentation Manager, Snapshot Tool

Check out info on our the Recording API, Presentation Manager, and Snapshot tool.

Recording API Update

You are now able to programmatically schedule the conversion of Recasts to .mp4s. For those of you who produce multiple webinars a day or week, this API will automatically set them to convert so you won’t have to go in manually for each recording. Learn more about the omNovia APIs.

Better Organize Your Webinar

There are a lot of things that happen in your webinars; you click through a presentation, launch a poll, find and view a YouTube video. With omNovia you can set up scripts for your webinar instead of remembering when to switch between modules. Record those actions and transitions ahead of time and click “play” from the Presentation Manager in the Tools menu at the time of your webinar. Learn more about the Presentation Manager to streamline and take the stress out of your online events.

Snapshot the White Board and Polls

The White Board gives you the option to draw freely in your omNovia room to help convey visual concepts in your online event. Instant Polls help gather information and opinions from your audience. The Snapshot tool, available in both modules, lets you better capture and share your drawings as well as poll results. Simply click the camera to save your work to the Documents Folder so everyone can access and download to his or her own computer. Learn more about the Snapshot tool in our Knowledgebase.


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