omNovia is an excellent service for hosting large scale webinars or small team meetings. It scales excellently due to the robust underlying technology and is reliable at all levels. no1reviews.com


Forex Testimonial

Working with omNovia’s deeply skilled development team, custom integration with our CRM has helped us to create efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience, creating a discernable ROI. Dina Grochowski SVP Brand Marketing – Forex.com


Bill Possiel

We use omNovia’s advanced web conferencing technology to improve productivity while reducing our carbon footprint. Bill Possiel – President, National Forest Foundation


Rick Saddler

omNovia Web Conferencing is without a doubt the best system on the market. I’ve tried other programs but omNovia’s interactive web conferencing tools give me an unbeatable return on my investment. With 200+ investors working together during the hectic market hours we must have a system that is reliable, fast, secure and easy to use.…


Guy Shani

omNovia goes far and beyond traditional webinar sessions by providing advanced recordings, reports and an intuitive interface second to none. Implementing omNovia increased our inside sales and support efficiency. Guy Shani – VP of Sales, Clarizen


Ken Molay

omNovia Web Conference provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and ease of access for event presenters and attendees. Ken Molay – President, Webinar Success


Steve Nison

The omNovia web conferencing platform is the one I use and recommend to financial companies. I need a system that is reliable and easy to learn. They have the best tech support of any web conferencing I have used. omNovia’s ease of use for attendees means they focus on the content and not be distracted…

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